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For the Seekers of Truth

Soul-led offerings for you to remember your Purpose, connect with your Guidance, and awaken the Wisdom you hold deep within


How can these services help you?

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Connect with your Soul

Activate your auric field (clearing away distractions & energies that don’t belong) to be able to experience the pure energy of your spirit.

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Unlock your Wisdom

Gain insight into events, relationships and situations in your life now and beyond. Understand the deeper significance for your soul.

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Remember your Purpose

Reconnect with your reason for being here, now. Explore the many layers of your purpose, mission, calling and work in the world.

Align with your truth through

Soul Memory Discovery


Is this you?

There are unexplainable situations, gifts or feelings in your life that you want answers about…

You’ve always felt like you don’t really belong here… While also knowing that you’re here for a greater purpose…

You’re ready to heal from the past, be in the moment and prepare for the future…

While stepping into the greater understanding, alignment and abundance of your Soul…

Would you benefit from a deeper remembrance of who you are and why you're here…

Then you’re in the right place.


I invite you on a journey of remembrance.


My Offerings

Photo by Courtney Forcefield - feel free to share with credits <3

Photo by Courtney Forcefield - feel free to share with credits <3

Divine Messenger Reading

Receive guidance through a virtual reading.

How it works: I open sacred space and connect with your Higher Self, concentrating on the truth of who you are with reiki energy. After the connection is made, I use a few of the 8 tarot / oracle card decks that I work with every week to get an understanding of where you need guidance and what the message is. Then I record you a 10-20  min channeled message from your Guides. You receive the recording and a beautiful picture of the card spread in your email.

This is a fun gift for yourself or a loved one full of deep insights and pure love energy.

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Photo by Courtney Forcefield - feel free to share with credits &lt;3

Photo by Courtney Forcefield - feel free to share with credits <3

Soul Memory Discovery Session
Payment Options Vary

This rich modality allows you to connect with your Deeper Wisdom, your Guidance, your Soul and the Divine. Receiving messages about who you are, why you're here, and how you can heal on the deepest levels in order to live your most fulfilling life. This process that is used by SMD facilitators all over the world raises your vibration, allows you to release what no longer serves you, reminds you of your purpose and activates you in ways you may not even be able to imagine. Each session is tailored to the specific client’s needs and meets you wherever you are on this journey of life.

Pick your package and schedule your session virtually on Zoom or in person (if you’re in Southern California).


About Courtney Forcefield


I have always been a seeker of wisdom and deeper spiritual insights, although I spent most of my life developing logical skills, discernment and other masculine qualities like “doing” and “working” (Thank God for that!). My intuitive and empathic gifts were always there.

My whole life, I would wish on every shooting star and 11:11 for the same thing - to change the world. Along with finding true love, it’s all I’ve ever hoped for. Now, I have both. And what I’ve found from doing many Soul Memory Discovery sessions is that your purpose, gifts, truth and magic is always inside you - it’s written on your heart, stored within your aura. The distinction is in whether it’s buried deep, lost among a million other distractions or ACTIVATED. My whole life, the truth of who I am was buried and lost to me. I was desperately seeking, confused, missing my purpose and my truth, hungry for a taste of the Divine. I am no stranger to feeling lost. That’s why I know how important it is to be found.

My spiritual awakening began in 2014, but it wasn’t until I saw my teacher, Ellen Kaufman Dossick, for my first Soul Memory Discovery session that I truly felt home, understood, returned to my own energy and absolutely activated.

I feel things d e e p l y. And it is no longer a curse to me, but the greatest blessing. That’s why your deepest feelings are safe with me. I do not take them lightly. I do not take your purpose lightly. I treat it with the same weight of importance that I treat my own. I understand that it’s a big leap - opening to your Soul, but there is nothing in this whole beautiful world that is more worth it. I invite you to journey with me and I will be a friend, ally and advocate for the Divine in you that is ready to more fully step through. You are always safe here.



“This was completely awesome! A life changing, spiritually transforming journey. A truly beautiful experience. Courtney possesses a highly sensitive intelligent spirit and she is definitely a genuine “Force” as an incredible guide in the field of Soul Memory Discovery. Each part of the process held a special discovery and provided new meaning to my spiritual being. I feel physically, mentally, and spiritually lifted… free and full of new light.”

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A journey of souls… This blog space is my heart, my soul, my journey. What I’ve learned through this human experience and what I feel called to share with you. I believe the magic of our stories, our personal alchemy can change the world. I believe each of our voices are echoes of each others and they all contribute to the glorious symphony of life. I believe in you and me and what we’re here to do.

Thank you for tuning in. Enjoy.