Purpose and Mission

To create more love in the world by empowering people to Know their Self, Heal their Shadows and Live their Purpose.

These services seamlessly bridge the logical and physical world with the emotional and spiritual realms to assist people like you as they activate their purpose and heal on the deepest levels. The goal is to provide divine confirmation of your inner knowing, connecting you to your instincts and intuition, so that you can remember the wisdom and purpose you hold deep within. Helping you to awaken your inner guidance and guiding you through this awakening with ease and grace.

Life can be a complicated, messy place (as well as a divine, synchronistic place) - these services are here as a safe space to help support you wherever you’re at in your journey. If you want to remember more of your divine purpose, connect with your guidance and heal old wounds - a Soul Memory Discovery Session is a great offering for you. If you want to receive a clear and potent message for a situation or question that you have - a Divine Messenger Reading will give you that. Every session and reading is packed full of value, love, grace, healing and wisdom.


About Courtney Forcefield

sage and healing vibes

Courtney Force, otherwise known as Courtney Forcefield, is a level 3 Reiki Practitioner, Past Life Regression Therapist and Soul Memory Discovery Facilitator. She worked in corporate America doing branding, marketing and graphic design work for 7 years before awakening to her spiritual gifts and greater life purpose.

It was actually during a Soul Memory Discovery session that she understood what her purpose is and began this path of helping others with spiritual, emotional and mental health. Since that first session, her mission has continued to blossom and unfold into a beautiful, thousand petal lotus that reveals new insights every day. She enjoys helping others to come to know their purpose in a similar, yet always unique, way.

Courtney is clairvoyant, clairaudient and claircognizant, receiving divine messages and translating them to all kinds of people from a very grounded place. She’s studied the akashic records, astrology, jungian psychology, human design, the gene keys, tarot and card readings with other great intuitive healers and psychics. She brings all of these gifts and trainings into her session with you, as well as her own fun, kind and receptive style that makes for powerful transformations, deep connections and resonant messages every time.

She is dedicated to studying personal transformation, of which she has been a student her whole life. Her greatest joy and passion is in connecting with others and helping them to live a more joyful and fulfilling life.

Her offers are crafted with intention, purpose and passion. She looks forward to connecting with you soon!


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