How to Have Roots AND Wings

It all started innocently enough, as innocent as any supernatural story can start.

I was driving home from the gym past the Eucalyptus Grove near my house in Carlsbad Village. A storm had just rolled through the area and the pavement was still wet from the downpour.

A startling image took me back….

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The Prodigal Daughter Returns to the Garden

On warm summer breezes in my adolescence, I’d catch a faint scent of it with the wind. The garden. The garden. The garden of my Wider Self... Abandoned. Forgotten. Beckoning me Home. The smell of gardenias and blackberries. Visions of rainbows, new growth and giant trees. A soul remembering of magic and sunshine, planted dreams and absolute, total freedom. It is my true home, my safe place, my heaven.

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