Soul Memory Discovery healing sessions

Soul Memory Discovery

~ Welcome to a Great Remembering ~


You’re Invited to…

Connect to your true inner purpose, understand the significance of your most important relationships, heal on the deepest soul levels (which creates ripples of healing for your emotions, body, mind and every experience in your life), step into the fullness of the person that you’re meant to be - the person you are, deep down inside.

Call forth your power.


Journey into Spirit with Courtney Forcefield

I invite you to know and understand yourself on a deeper level with this beautiful process that’s been used many times throughout history, resurfacing in the last 30 years for this shift to higher consciousness that we’re currently experiencing. I Am One of over 500 facilitators of this beautiful modality, as well as a certified Reiki Healer and Past Life Regression Therapist. This experience is truly unique - fun, enlightening, healing and deeply soul nourishing.

Each Soul Memory Discovery session is different, as this process adapts to wherever you are in your personal journey. There are many modalities within this body of work and our session will include exactly what you need for your highest good. The session is led by your higher self and spirit guides, using words in sacred space to affect change on a soul level. You’re fully conscious the entire time and get to experience the pure energy of your soul, as you discover answers to your deepest questions.


Experience Radical Shifts in your Life After Just 1 Session

A Soul Memory Discovery session, which lasts anywhere from 1-3 hours is PACKED with soul-enriching processes and information. During your Soul Memory Discovery session you can:

- Access the memories held by your body cells and Soul
- Release physical symptoms, pain and dis-ease
- Heal ancestral lineage imprints
- Balance your energy field
- Ground and center yourself during these shifting times
- Complete karmic lessons
- Develop inherent gifts
- Feel lighter, happier and more free

- Remember your Life Purpose
- Connect with your Guidance (even discovering who they are)
- Heal relationships
- Release trauma from childhood & beyond
- Increase energy levels
- Clear negative influences that are getting in the way
- Experience new joy and fulfillment
- Live your life with more meaning

So… what is your Soul asking for?


What other Soul Memory Discovery Clients have to Say:

“To say I found clarity through this session is an understatement. It covered everything! From past lives, karmic wounds, a map of the many star systems my soul's traveled through, met some of my Master Guides, confirmation on my next move, relationships, my purpose, personal issues, everything. The information that came through was clear and precise. Unlike most readings where you’re left with more questions, worry or confusion. It was confirmation from my own Soul that what I’ve always felt deep within is true, along with so much more I was yet to know. The energy was pure from the moment we began. Neither of us could deny it. Each prayer we spoke, every breath, every transmutation felt like angelic light washing through me. Courtney is truly an Angel on Earth and a blessing to this world. It is an honor to experience her service.”


Pick your Package

How this works: You will pick your package below and complete the payment, after that you will receive an email to schedule your session with more details. I look forward to sharing this transformative process with you soon.

Soul Memory Discovery Intro Session

Ideal for the person who is curious about and wants to try out this work. Or for a returning client who wants to check in. An intro to your soul and the mysteries that lie within.

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Soul Memory Discovery Activation Session

This is the standard length for a session. Ideal for the person who feels strongly called to this, who is very ready to activate their gifts / life purpose and has pressing questions that they deeply desire answers around.

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Soul Memory Discovery Deep Dive Package
550.00 799.00

Ideal for the person who has many questions and seeks deep healing. We do 6 hours of Soul Memory Discovery broken up into 3-4 sessions over a few months time (complete with email guidance in between).

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